Week 8-Nonverbal communication: understanding yourself and others


Nonverbal communication is the process shared ideas among people which goes hand-in-hand with public speaking. This includes eye contact,tone of voice,pause, Facial Expression, movement of hands,postures and more.

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.” – Peter F. Drucker. . If we will not be able present ourself in a good way, most of the things will get ruined. Like if we are hosting any presentation and  use a long pause in between our talk , it may create confusion to the listener and sometime the audience gets bored.It is very important to make an impression towards the audiences. Our confidence will rate us how we deal with the complication and find the solution.Understanding nonverbal communication helps us to control our own behavior and become accepting and understanding of others.


Talking about me, i also have problem in talking effectively. When i start talking to my friends,i will not stop which irritate the listener  and my friends has to tell me to stop. But while talking to someone new i cannot find word to continue the conversation. If i will be called infront of a group of people and said to explain about any particular thing then i hesitate. I cannot make an eye contact to the audience and my eyes will not leave the floor. Another bad habit of mine is when i am confused about anything i start biting my nail which sometime reflect dirtiness.While presenting anything i keep Scratching above the eyebrow because of nervousness, Rolling my eyes when i am impatient my pitch of voice automatically will raise when i am stressed.

Thus, having having self control,confidence during presentations,some knowledge about nonverbal communication  will help us to bring a great impact on the audience.


– Ethos 3 (http://www.ethos3.com/speaking-tips/the-importance-of-non-verbal-communication/)


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