Week 3 – The medium and the message

RE 3.2

The drastic change in the technology happened so fast that many people have never stopped to wonder just how much of their communications get dependent on technology. People used to communicate and stayed in touch only by the written information, that is letter. It used to take so long time to exchange the news or any kind of information but now a days as technology has built its top position people are not having the same problem again. The way of the world has been completely changed because of it. Like the telephone replaced the telegraph, email replaced the letter. Now mobile phones, mailing and the Internet top the list of preferred communication method. Technology now a days holds a great importance for business and educational purpose.
Some of the methods of communication technologies are Email, Texting/Instant messaging, Social Networking Sites, Twitting, Blogs, Video conferencing.

communication : Businessman With Technology In Hand

The main  advantage of technology in communication is it saves time. if we use email, it will take us a few moment to exchange our information to any person living in any corner of this world,while if we use hand written method i.e.letter, it will take longer time for delivery and for response as well. we can exchange photos or video very quickly and in very high resolution. It helps in documentation as well.

The disadvantage in this is we might face security issues. sometime we cannot maintain our privacy because of the internet hacking. sometimes text messaging,email and other website communication are vulnerable. In business it may cause equipment expense and difficulty in training employes

For me, even a single day without technology will be like hundered-to-one, its unthinkable because i have to communicate with my friends about any particular thing, either gossiping or any assignment related talks. Just to chat and discuss about anything we will not be wasting our time by travelling so far and visiting them. Without it we will not be able to get any news. That is why technology in communication is very importance in our daily life.


i) Mindi Orth (1996, Demand Media)

ii) Kevin Johnston ( Demand media)


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