Week 6 – Writing for understanding

RE 6.1

Writing clearly and in concise prose is very importance not only to have a good conversation but also to understand the main view and to solve the problem if raised. It helps to keep the attention of the reader and makes sure our meaning is clear and understandable.Long lines often create confusion for the reader. So instead of using long sentences, we can write/talk in short and sweet which makes easier to get the point. For example,when we write enotes responses we try to keep them to around 90 words.  The idea is to tell the questioner what we need to know as simply and concisely as possible so we get the answer and be on our way!

There was a sample of badly done conversation in website;

“Did you get the aspirin, babe? I really need it.”

“Yes, I got the aspirin.”

“And the burger buns. I hope you got those.”

“Yes, I got the burger buns.”

“Did you remember to stop by my mother’s house? She said she had something for us.”

“No, I didn’t remember to stop by your mother’s house. I didn’t remember that she said she had something for us.”

In the above conversation;

-the sentences  are repeated while answering which creates problem to the listener

-she was talking so straightly that sounds a bit rude

-she could add up some short words like where she found the buns and about remembering to stop by her mothers house.

-as he had questioned by using “babe” word, she could also reply with some of lovely words.

– she could make the conversation more effective by talking about other things instead of just reply what he was asking.

In this way we can make our conversation excellent and meaningful for both teller and listener.


– The Editor’s Blog (2015,http://theeditorsblog.net/2011/11/03/bad-dialogue-bad-bad-dialogue/)


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