Week 1-Introduction to communication concepts in a professional context


Communication is the only way to interact and connect people with each other. Its  almost impossible to spend out even a single day without communicating. we can communicate in different ways like speaking,writing,expressions and by body language (using signs or symbols). There are different medium which are informing us about the stuffs in this world. For example; television,radio,computers,etc. It is very important for all of us in our daily life.


The most thing which is important during communicating is that it must be understandable. the person who is trying to express anything to the other person can be known as sender and the other person who is interacting with the sender to get his/her information can be known as receiver.  if the receiver will be unable to get the point of view of the sender, then its called unsuccessful communication. it is very important to communicate effectively, it will help both sender and receiver to make their conversation meaningful. In all types of communication,both the sender and receiver must be familiar with the languages they are using to make it worthy.

Communication wise, my weakness is that i can’t speak english very fluently. my pronunciation is also not so good thats why most of the people seem to have problem getting my points.i don’t understand any other language except hindi,nepali and english.

And about my strength, i can write english pretty good and can make people understand what i really mean. I am very polite while speaking.


i) Study.com (http://study.com/academy/lesson/what-is-communication-definition-importance.html)


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